Next Level Skiing S6, E7 | This is My Purpose with Aaron Blunck

by Wagner Skis / Feb 28, 2024

S6, E7 - This is My Purpose with Aaron Blunck

Aaron Blunck is usually photographed upside down
Most photos of Aaron Blunck are him upside down. Photo: Team USA

Jason Blevins loves watching Aaron Blunck ski the pipe. The Crested Butte native has spent 26 of his 27 years on skis and it shows, with amazing airs and unrivaled style. Earlier this season Jason got to see Aaron ski in the Copper pipe and he was throwing this ridiculously cool pipe-grinding, snow-spraying slash in the middle of his run, and the crowd loved it.

This is a fun chat with the three-time Olympian who grew up dreaming of competing in the X Games, which he won in 2017. He spent his younger years chasing his older brother Nolan around the steeps of Crested Butte Mtn Resort, where he honed his aerial prowess in gnarly cliffs and trees.

Listen and learn from one of Colorado’s best as Aaron shares insights into bouncing back from injuries, the relentless pursuit of new challenges in skiing, celebrating every turn, and embracing gratitude on snow.


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2:00 - Copper performance
4:49 - Skiing at 18 months
5:24 - Chasing his older brother
7:21 - Unlocking a new wave of younger rippers at Crested Butte
9:10 - Big mountain laps with pipe and terrain park to finish
11:00 - Still living the dream
13:40 - Not just skiing: hockey, baseball, soccer
17:25 - Pay to play: injuries and recovery
22:00 - Mind over matter to bounce back from injuries
24:24 - Overcoming the life-changing injury
26:00 - Why not go skiing?
28:00 - This is my purpose
30:00 - Never stop learning new things
32:00 - Little-kid cruising and embracing gratitude


“I wouldn't ever say there was like a point where I was like, ‘Oh, I could make this a living and I could do this professionally.’ It's just kind of like, I loved it. And it was a serious passion. And I just loved to ski really hard.” - Aaron Blunck

“Unfortunately, we got to pay to play is how I look at it, in a sense. And I've always, kind of, tried to look at it in that sense.” - Aaron Blunck

“Then if you celebrate the small things, all of a sudden the big things start happening. All of a sudden you start realizing how happy you are and grateful you are for just those small little victories.” - Aaron Blunck

“The best I can do is just go skiing as much as possible to just be confident, you know. And you can do that with anything in life.” - Aaron Blunck 


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The Bulldog (short)


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Next Level Skiing Recorded by Jason Blevins. Cover photo: Nolan Blunck

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