by Wagner Skis / Dec 06, 2021

S4: E4 | Think Past the Fear featuring Julian Carr

Julian carr, skiing, cliff jumping
Photo by: @acpictures 

We’ve all seen him … arms wide, halfway through a slow backie, seemingly flying above some monster cliff … scratch that .. Julian Carr is flying. Julian’s lofty exploits have landed him in seven Warren Miller films and he holds two world records for cliff jumps … few have the relentless drive to explore that ethereal world between skiing and flying like Julian.

The high-flying athlete today organizes mountain running races at ski areas across the West and continues his global search for cliffs that can accommodate his love of air time. Tune in and get some insight on how every skier can think past the fear.

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Episode Notes

1:20 - A “strange, twisting path” to skiing 
2:50 - Mountains are basically one giant foam pit
6:40 - Endless creativity and opportunity on skis
10:10 - There is fear every time
11:40 - It’s not bravado, it’s mindfulness
12:50 - Transitioning from 40-foot cliffs to 150-foot cliffs
15:00 - Relaxed and loose
17:30 - How to think past the fear
18:40 - Zero fear through critical thinking
21:05 - There is no height limit
23:00 - There will always be fear. It’s all about baby steps
29:00 - Hyper presence, aligning vision with skills
31:00 - Be like a pendulum on snow

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