by Wagner Skis / Jan 03, 2022

S4: E8 | Channeling Your Warrior featuring Michelle Parker

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Michelle Parker has spent 20 years at the forefront of skiing, pioneering not just a path for women but all skiers, with inspirational fluidity in big terrain. Watch her feet when she skis … it’s like she’s dancing. Her background as a slalom racer has lent her a particular set of skills that enables her to somehow carve a lot while carrying mad speed. Her style is a thing of beauty. The Lake Tahoe native has some incredible insights into channeling our inner warriors, developing our intuition, differentiating between legitimate and illegitimate fears  and having the most fun possible on snow. 

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Episode Notes

1:15 - Skiing fast while arcing turns
2:00 - Skiing at one year old
2:40 - The mountains raised me
7:30 - Transferring racing skills to park and then big mountains
8:20 - The athletic stance: knees, shins, chest, arms
11:00 - Guide school for avalanche education, wilderness first aid, crevasse rescue
12:20 - Humility in Alaska
13:00 - Visualizing big mountain skiing by watching videos
15:30 - Channeling my most courageous self / tapping into the warrior
16:15 - The need for multiple personalities in high-performance athletes
18:20 - Having no doubts and total confidence
19:00 - Using descriptive words to conjure the warrior
24:10 - Asking simple questions to test purpose
26:20 - Developing intuition
28:20 - The best skier on the mountain is the one having the most fun
31:45 - Chasing aspirational skiers

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