by Wagner Skis / Dec 20, 2021

S4: E6 | Be Your Own Expert featuring Allen Lim


It had been a long flight when Allen Lim joined a development athlete he was coaching in Spain before the Tour de France many years ago. The athlete asked if he was hungry and offered a bowl of Lucky Charms. He thought, ‘oh no, this guy is screwed’ and began a mission to use nutrition to boost performance. In the decades since Allen has worked with top American cyclists and athletes to create diets, meals and performance hydration mixes to increase athletic performance. The founder of Skratch Labs isn’t a heavyweight skier, but he knows how to use food to align skills, muscles and mind to push athletes to their highest levels. 

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Episode Notes 

2:00 - A general poor food culture in America
3:00 - Two ways to look at food
4:30 - Six weeks before a ski trip: increase iron intake
7:50 - One week before a ski trip: increase carb intake
10:10 - What’s good for you when active, is not good for you when inactive
10:40 - Fill your stomach 2-3 hours before skiing
12:00 - Timing of eating is everything
14:10 - Meals of the Tour de France
15:40 - Prioritize calories and do it early
19:10 - Benefits of heat stress in adapting to cold, altitude
21:00 - Iron intake six weeks before a ski trip
25:05 - Boost your mental game with coffee
26:10 - Stop drinking coffee and then restart again to boost cognitive enhancement
29:30 - Rule of thumb = 100 grams of carbs per 100  pounds of body weight every hour
31:50 - Or one bite of food per lift ride
33:10 - A natural wrapper for food beats a man made wrapper
35:00 - Be your own expert

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