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Lorraine Huber, Skiing, Next Level SkiingStanding tall, swinging easily through smooth turns while shredding the gnarliest terrain, Austria’s Lorraine Huber has built a career of making it look easy. After a long career as a big-mountain skier and competitor, she switched gears to become a guide, mentor and mental coach, offering her insights gleaned from a life on skis to not just aspiring athletes, but just about anyone seeking poise and grace amidst stress and chaos. Lorraine’s insights explore our mental games on snow, turning our focus to the process of learning through visualization and meditation. There are some great lessons in this one.

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Show Notes 

1:00 - Skiing is an art form
3:30 - Almost always skiing with snowboarders as a kid in Austria
5:20 - First freeride competition in 2006
6:30 - Honing technique during certification as a ski instructor
9:20 - Changing over to a mental coach
10:10 - Mental skills can be built like physical skills
12:00 - Get out of your head, let your body take over
12:20 - Our mind is an athletic idiot
14:00 - Goal should be growing and learning, not results
15:15 - Focusing on outcome is a distraction 
16:05 - Develop a growth mindset
16:40 - Master visualization
18:20 - Experiencing versus imagining, brain can’t tell the difference
19:10 - Letting go and the body has a blueprint through visualization
20:40 - Push focus from results, to growth to managing challenges
24:30 - Transferring lessons of skiing into life
26:30 - Forget about needing to win or you’ll be skiing with the handbrake on
27:30 - Focus on the process
28:40 - Mindfulness meditation


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Lorraine Huber

 --Next Level Skiing Recorded by Jason Blevins