by Wagner Skis / Dec 27, 2021

S4: E7 | Appreciation and Gratitude featuring Mark Abma

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Photo From: Guy Fattal 

Few of today’s high profile skiers are as thoughtful and introspective as Mark Abma, the British Columbia ripper who has spent 20 years on the cutting edge of big mountain skiing. His transition from competitive mogul skier to high-flying freeskier to one of the most creative and inspiring big mountain chargers has set a new bar for today’s aspiring skiers. Abma’s insights into the importance of a mogul-skiing stance and the role of hydrotherapy in not just physical but mental recovery offers lessons for us all. 

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Episode Notes

1:15 - The first ski vacation as a 10-year-old
3:20 - Idolizing Scott Schmidt as a kid
6:00 - From mogul contests to park, pipe and big air competition
9:10 - The mogul stance that works everywhere in all conditions
13:00 - Chasing Szocs, JP, JF and Boronowski in Whistler backcountry
18:00 - Taking terrain park tricks into the backcountry
21:30 - Staying clear and focused when nervous
22:10 - Deep breathing strategies to calm nerves
25:00 - Best advice from a mogul coach: look up and appreciate and be grateful
26:00 - Ten years of hydrotherapy
28:10 - Cold water baths open more than capillaries. They open neuropathways
29:40 - All encompassing healing from hydrotherapy
30:00 - Upper, lower, cardio workout rotation in fall to prepare for ski season
31:00 - High intensity cardio workouts to build lactic tolerance
33:00 - Interval training to strengthen legs before ski season
35:00 - Push though it whether you like it or not
36:30 - Direct energy into sport to learn to set goals for spiritual, physical and financial reward

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