S4 | E2 Finesse over Power featuring Chris Anthony

Next Level Skiing, Chris Anthony
Hey thanks for listening to Next Level Skiing … I’m Jason Blevins … today we are talking with good friend and inspiration … Vail’s Chris Anthony. Chris is a ski movie veteran who has spent nearly 30 years in front of the camera for Warren Miller … and too many of those years were spent in pain. He recently underwent a knee replacement and today he’s back shredding like he always has. And he’s written, produced and directed “Mission Mt Mangart,” a new documentary sharing untold stories of the pioneering 10th Mountain Division’s skiing  soldiers. The film recently won “Best Historical Film” at Cannes. Chris has all kind of insights into life as a pro skier, skiing through pain and the historical pioneers who shaped the modern ski industry.



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Episode Notes

3:40 - Skiing in the first-ever World Extreme Skiing Championships in Alaska
7:40 - The pivotal moment for the entire population of skiers
8:15 - The best thing to ever happen for skiing
9:50 - Never stop learning. Be curious
10:30 - Conserving energy while skiing, helping with longevity
11:10 - Identifying efficiency blockers to make skiing easier
11:40 - We get in our own way when aiming for the top level
12:40 - A strategy for a still upper body
13:50 - Keep the entire turn between foot and knee
15:40 - Hiding a disability for 20 years
17:50 - No room for bad habits when skiing injured
21:30 - Knee replacement during COVID
25:40 - Offering ski lessons for skiers with knee pain
27:00 - Too many skiers are riding a too-wide ski, creating unnecessary knee pain
28:25 - The perfect three-ski quiver
29:50 - Finesse over power
31:40 - Racing behind a snowmobile in a rubber suit
34:50 - Best advice: Involved a rod down the back of his jacket as a kid.
36:20 - We think we do rad stuff now. Nothing compares to 10th Mtn veterans.
40:20 - The importance of history for every skier