by Wagner Skis / Nov 15, 2021

S4: E1 | Keep it Simple featuring Daron Rahlves 

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Today we have the most accomplished American downhiller in mens skiing … the one and only Daron Rahlves. Seven national titles, 28 World Cup podiums, 12 World Cup wins including a win at the terrifying Hahnenkamm and owner of the fastest-ever time on Beaver Creek’s Birds of Prey, a record that turned 18 years old this year. In his post-racing career, Rahlves shifted his high-speed skills to big hills in AK and beyond, shredding huge faces in three, four turns and he even spun a few medal-harvesting alps through skier cross courses … few have such a diverse skill set on snow … his current project includes weekly “Ski Tips” videos on his YouTube channel. So let’s dive in and see how Daron Rahlves can push our turns to the next level.

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Episode Notes

4:40 - Tahoe to Green Mountain Valley School in Vermont, “going from good to not good.”
6:40 - A positive mindset
8:20 - Watch others and follow them
9:00 - Keep it simple. It’s about flow. Making things feel easy.
10:50 - Think from the snow up
13:05 - Match your shoulders to your ski tips
13:30 - Feel something click? Chase that feeling and be repetitive.
15:20 - Racing to big mountain to skier cross.
17:10 - Nerves in AK versus racing
20:10 - Flipping worst-case scenarios into opportunities
24:40 - Skiing as a double for Franz Klammer in Austria for a new film28:40 - Re-enacting Klammer racing mistakes for the camera
36:00 - The love for ski racers in Europe vs the U.S.
45:00 - Setting the 2003 Birds of Prey record
47:00 - A mindset that focuses on strength and balance, confidence in skills
49:10 - Skiing with intention
50:50 - Ski with boots unbuckled to hone balance

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S4: E1 | Keep it Simple featuring Daron Rahlves 

-- Next Level Skiing Recorded by Jason Blevins

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